Tagliata di manzo


A Cut Above

Steak Frites is of course a Belgian institution, arguably the national dish along with Moules Frites. It is certainly a well established Friday night tradition in our household, not every week, but maybe once or twice a month as a treat. Fortuitously our local butchers have a Friday special – two huge steaks for £15 from a choice of Sirloin, Rump, Fillet or our cut of choice – Rib Eye.

My walk home from work takes me straight past the butchers door and it is now almost hard wired into my subconscious to pop in on a Friday to pick up a couple of steaks. It wasn’t until I got home this week that I realised that, dare I say it, I was a little bored of Steak Frites. Yes it is a wondrous dish, but like anything you indulge in too often, the magic wears off. So it was that I turned instead to our regular summer steak alternative – Tagliata di manzoContinue reading