Of all the recipe joints, in all the blogs, in all the internet, you browse into mine…thank you!


My name is Paul, I live in South West London with my (soon to be) wife Sarah and despite nomenclature to the contrary I am neither famous, nor legally speaking Belgian.

British passport notwithstanding, I have a Belgian Mother who is a tremendous cook and culinary inspiration to me, and I have many fond memories of time spent in Belgium, of its food, people and yes its beer!

I try (with varying degrees of success) to cook with the seasons and from fresh every day. The vast majority of the food we eat comes from local butchers, farmers markets, greengrocers, fishmongers, delis etc but like most of us I am no stranger to the supermarket aisle.

There isn’t much cohesion to the recipes featured here. I am a gastronomic magpie, and make no claim to authenticity, I cook what takes my fancy with the ingredients at hand. Recipes are generally my own or riffs on established recipes – but when they come from a direct source they will be credited as such.

I started this blog to remind myself more than anything of the meals I cook, a record to look back on – my own personal cookbook, but I do hope you enjoy some of my posts, or get ideas for your own culinary endeavours. It’s a pleasure to share these experiences with you.

Allez les diables rouges!

The (not-so) Famous Belgian

Contact: thefamousbelgian@gmail.com

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